Sabtu, 20 Desember 2008

Punggol Waterfront Housing Design Competition Singapore Housing Authority

  • Competition Objectives
    a) To generate fresh, innovative and new design ideas for high-rise public housing along the waterway;
    b) To secure the best housing design and concept for the first waterfront parcel; and
    c) To introduce new sustainable development concepts and features to realise the theme "Green Living by the Waters"

    Stage One
    Under Stage One, the competition area will be the Housing District, west of Punggol Town Centre. The total area is approximately 26.6ha comprising various uses such as residential, common green, educational institutions, religious sites and transport facilities.

    This competition provides an opportunity for participants to propose a new Master Plan for the housing district in order to develop the urban design proposals. The participating firms are also required to propose innovative architectural concepts / proposals for the first public housing parcel fronting the Punggol Waterway. In developing their proposals, the participants will take into consideration some important design concepts along the following four dimensions:

    a) Housing @ Punggol Waterway
    b) Communities @ Punggol Waterway
    c) Environmental Sustainability
    d) Accessibility

    The judging panel will shortlist up to five submissions to progress to Stage Two of the Competition.

    Stage Two
    Under Stage Two, the competition area is approximately 4.9 hectare, comprising Parcel A (1.8 hectare), Parcel B (2.7 hectare) and a common green (0.4 hectare). The two parcels and the common green are to be designed together to achieve an integrated layout and synergy with the flexibility to launch the two parcels as separate contracts for sale.

    The shortlisted firms are required to form their own multi-disciplinary teams to further advance the design concepts proposed in Stage One into an implementable, full architectural design solution for the first public housing parcel. This first public housing parcel along the Punggol Waterway will set the new benchmark standard for the rest of the developments within the 4.2 km long Punggol Waterway Corridor.

  • Category
  • International
  • Type
  • Open, two-stage
  • Registration Deadline
  • 02/16/2009
  • Submission Deadline
  • 04/09/2009
  • Open To
  • All Licensed Architects
  • Entry Fee
  • US $50
  • Awards
  • SGD $50,000 to each finalist and $300,000 first prize plus two $100,000 merit prizes
  • Jury
  • Not yet announced
  • Contact
  • Derrick Phang
  • Email
  • Competition E-Mail
  • Web Site
  • Competition Web Site

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